"Living Your Dreams In Performing & Visual Arts"

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Arlin "Par" Tolliver has a vision.  He wants to bring out the creative side of you while allowing you to fulfill your dreams. 

What is Muzika?  It's a creative voice in performing arts. 

The Inception of Muzika

Tolliver, also a minister, said Muzika was a vision God gave him in 1992 based on his background and love for the arts.  Par, an accomplished musician and singer, remembers playing piano at his grandmother's house on Grube Street in Springfield, Ohio at the age of six.  His grandmother didn't play the piano but every time he visited he tinkered with the instrument. 

He was also inspired to pursue music by local singing groups The Different Shades of Brown and the Aswads as well as national recording artists Earth, Wind and Fire.

Tolliver started his first singing group, The Dimensions, while in junior high.  He would later form the band Pleasure Seekers in the 1970s, disbanding them in 1986. 

Par has also worked with Springfield's five time Grammy Award winner John Legend (John Stephens) and with Chevon Corlew, who has recently written a song on gospel artist CeCe Winan's new CD released in May 2007.  He also led the Unity for Christ Choir of 35 youth from Clark County in their first national television appearance on the Bobby Jones Gospel Hour in 1995 in Washington D.C.

Tolliver wants to share the love and passion he has for the performing arts with others who have the same dreams and aspirations.

He is supported by his wife Helen (Hill) and their four children, Nashira (Tolliver) Minney, Armon, Tiara, Arlin (A.J.) Jr.  The Tollivers have three grandchildren, Ryan, Jalan, and Naryah.  The children have been involved in some type of arts their whole lives, including choirs, drama, plays, fashion and style shows.

Inspiring Young Artists

Muzika's mission is to help children who have a love for the performing arts.  In order to help Muzika grow, donations of instruments and donor support for the overall investment of the program are needed.

Many can't afford an instrument, but Muzika, through donations, will provide instruments and other materials used in the arts.  Muzika Inc. is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)3 classification which means all donations may be tax deductible. 

Investing In The Dream

Muzika, Inc. is a multi-cultural organization which aspires to be recognized as the premiere performing and visual arts non-profit organization in Ohio.  Muzika will establish community relationships through collaboration, high-quality instructional services and spiritual mentorship.

Muzika wants to be an arm to the city and county schools and colleges where students can be encouraged to pursue a future in music or the arts once they realize their potential in their chosen fields.


Board of Trustees

Chairman Erick Collins
Secretary Geoff Walker
Finance Robert Edwards
Members Beth Porter
  Lula Cosby
  Mike Crockett
  Bruce Grimes
  Shelley Lopez
  Alyce Comer
  Marjorie Coleman


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