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Springfield City Schools

Educational Enrichment


Grades 1-8

June 2-June 30, 2008


Breakfast 8:00-8:30 a.m.

Tutoring 8:30-11:30 a.m.

Snyder Park Elementary School

1600 Maiden Lane


Students will receive instruction in reading and math as well as enrichment activities provided by

Muzika, Inc. Free breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Students will be picked up and dropped off at their home school by Springfield City Schools


Pick Up Drop Off

Kenwood Elementary 7:15 12:10

Lincoln Elementary 7:20 12:00

Hayward Middle 7:25 11:55

Perrin Woods Elem. 7:35 11:45

Fulton Elementary 7:40 11:40

Clark Middle 7:50 11:35

Mann Elementary 7:15 12:30

Schaefer Middle 7:20 12:20

Warder Park/Wayne 7:25 12:10

Lagonda Elementary 7:35 12:00

Kenton Elemen./

Roosevelt 7:45 11:50

Snowhill Elementary 7:50 11:40

Registration: June 2-3, 2008. The program starts June 3, 2008

For questions, contact Mattie White, Director of School Services at 505-2805.



Muzika Teaches Performing Arts in 14 City Schools

In December 2006, Muzika started as a provider to the Springfield City Schools through a one-time TANF grant (Transition Assistance for Needy Families) from the Clark County Jobs & Family Services.

The program is in 14 city schools, 10 elementary and 4 middle schools.  There are eight local instructors that mentor in the areas of the arts, dance, music, arts & crafts, recording, theatre, and photography.  Eventually modeling will be added.

Muzika will be mentor driven where instructors will invest their gifts and talents into others who want to enhance their talents or desires.  The instructors include young people, retirees, educators and accomplished artists.

Each instructor has four schools and teaches one hour a day at their respective schools on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  The one hour Muzika program is part of a three hour after school program which includes two hours of tutoring.  Over 300 student currently participate.



On a weekly basis Muzika serves approximately 500 students including music dates with the choirs at both North and South High Schools. 

The program is currently concentrating on youth, but hopes that parents and other family members will be inspired to pursue their own dreams by seeing their children performing.

Elementary Students' Photos On Display At Local Banks

Kids making art with cameras?  Yes, with the help of well known local photographer Napoleon Biles.  You may have already seen these colorful, dramatic photos at National City Bank on South Limestone Street, where Janice Morgan, bank manager, loved and promoted the display.  Currently showing at the downtown Springfield Huntington Bank, the work of these 1st through 5th graders was produced as a project of Muzika's after school enrichment program in four elementary schools.  After its term at Huntington, the exhibit moved to the downtown Security National Bank office.

Biles says it was a challenge to work with thirty to forty young students at one time but the kids soon caught on to using cameras to see their familiar world in a new way.  Biles showed the children that they could progress from taking candids of people to seeing and capturing objects in their experience, especially on the playground, a world kids know well.  He delighted in the "boldness of colors and shapes" seen in their pictures.



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