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John Legend Supports Muzika

Five time Grammy Award Winner John Legend sends his best wishes for the launch and vision of Muzika.  John Legend (John Stephens), originally from Springfield, Ohio, was mentored by Arlin "Par" Tolliver from the age of 11 until 16 when he left for college in Pennsylvania.  "Developing a close relationship through music, Johnny became like a son to me", Tolliver said.

Tolliver feels Johnny is a prime example of believing in your dreams.  When speaking about Legend, Tolliver stated, "His love for the arts in music and theater has become a reality and I'm proud of him.  Even at a young age he put his all into his singing and music and I'm still trying to encourage young people even today that the same can happen to them."  Muzika wants to help make dreams to become a reality.  It is never too late and it doesn't matter how old you are.  The greatest test is believing in yourself.  Like Johnny, you too can take the next step toward your dream.


Check out John's site at www.johnlegend.com




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