"Living Your Dreams In Performing & Visual Arts"


Music + The Arts = Success

By Judy Woods Muzika Staff Writer

We’re all sure that 1+1=2, and we’re familiar with a+b=c, so imagine this next equation: Weekly Music + Art = Improved Science + Math. Well, Muzika board member Beth Porter assures us that the Arts equation is true as well. You can improve your grades in school and even your attendance, if necessary. You can pump up your accomplishments in math or science. Not by the expected methods, but by getting busy dancing, drawing, singing, or practicing that musical instrument you’ve always wanted to play. Many research studies over recent years have confirmed that participating in the arts, besides resulting in the obvious benefits of fun, fun, and more fun, seems to allow us to accomplish in other, unexpected areas. That’s one reason that Cedarville University Music professor, Beth Porter, is a huge Muzika supporter. "The performing and visual arts are powerful forces that can change lives. Par Tolliver knows this. That is why Muzika is so important." Ms. Porter cites research that shows how regular, weekly participation in the arts can make young people more likely to succeed in school, to become accomplished in math and science, and to stand out in school attendance. So if you were one of those people who believed that music and art might be for other people, people whose daily responsibilities such as family, work, or school need all of their attention and who can’t be fooling around with art, then your concerns are relieved. Spend time at Muzika events exploring your interests and dreams, and you, too, will experience the many practical benefits of the performing and visual arts.



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