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We are already partnering with the Springfield City Schools for a second year, with their enrichment after school program. Muzika provides instructional service to 10 elementary, 2 middle and the 2 high schools North and South, soon to be Spring-field. This is from a grant the City Schools received entitled TANF (Transition Assistance for Needy Families) from the Department of Job and Family Services. Muzika is looking for more mentors and volunteers in 2008 to help dreams come true. Come join us ! There are many ways of partnering. One of those is the art of marriage. As any artist, businessman, pastor, political figure, doctor, CEO, etc., make their way towards the building process of their dream, it takes a strong spirit-filled, loyal, and willing partner to keep the household afloat. I just want to say thank you to my wife, Helen, for sometimes handling both sides of the partnership pertaining to the home and kids, and still finding time to encourage and support my dream become a reality. As the CEO of Muzika I encourage others who are in the building process to take notice of the real backbone of the family, our wives or husbands, and let them know how much they help strengthen the foundation of the family.

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