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"I believe in Mr. Tolliver's vision.  Muzika will provide an outlet in Springfield for aspiring young artists to pursue their dreams.  Mr. Tolliver has impacted so many successful Springfield artists in the past such as John Legend and Chevon Corlew through individual counseling and mentoring.  Muzika will now provide him a venue to efficiently reach more of Springfield's young talent."

Erick Collins, Muzika Board Chairman





"Muzika is an organization where rich vision meets serious need.  Mr. Tolliver has spent the better portion of his adult life serving the city of Springfield, and especially its youth.  I believe that Muzika will not only be a creative voice in the performing and visual arts, but also a sought after design for multicultural diversity and excellence in mentoring young people into the future.  As a member of the Board of Trustees I am pleased to stand behind this organization in support of the far reaching influence Springfield's youth can have on their world.

Shelley Lopez




"Minister Arlin "Par" Tolliver has an impact on me and every child he comes in contact with.  He truly cares about the community and the future of the youth.  As someone who participated in the activities and programs under the direction of Minister Tolliver, I know how Muzika will be able open the eyes of children to the many different aspects of the arts.  While I was at South High School, Minister Tolliver helped me to become more involved in my school activities.  I took those ideals with me when I went to college.  I will be graduating this June from Wright State University with a degree in Mass Communication and Marketing.  I am proud to be a part of the Muzika Newsletter Staff and I look forward to seeing Muzika's positive influence on the city of Springfield."

Carlyne Peterson


Volunteering with Muzika has been such a blessing, especially being a Christian parent.    There have been so many times where the Lord has used Muzika as a vehicle to show my husband and I personally that he is with us all the time.  Being parents of musicians in a band (Callahan) that travels nationally and internationally, there have been countless occasions where the Lord has made us realize that their successes are because of our faith in him. 


A scripture that comes to mind often when working on various projects with Muzika is Romans 8:28, “and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose”.   I thank God for Muzika and the lives that are being touched because of the work being done.  We are reaching young people and their families daily.  Muzika has been able to help them realize that their dreams can become reality.  Just trust in the Lord, and all things are possible! 

 Many of the famous artists from Springfield that I’ve had the pleasure of working with have a wonderful story to tell about how they were able to achieve their goals because of someone that believed in them and supported them in some respect.  Muzika has been able to be that support and “vehicle” for all those passionate artists that “dare to dream big” or may be reaching for the stars – or even just wanting to learn more about the arts. 

I truly thank God for Muzika and our volunteers.  I also thank God for giving our CEO, Minister Arlin “Par” Tolliver, the vision to begin Muzika and to touch so many lives. 

 We all look forward to many more years of touching families and showing them that with faith, passion, love, and compassion, we can achieve anything we put our minds to, as long as God is first in our lives.  Muzika is a part of my own personal testimony! 


Alyce Comer

Board Member, Muzika

Urban Light Ministries Staff

Co owner, American Home Remodeling



Thank you very much for  the invitation to the Muzika Jam Session. I really enjoyed myself, as anyone there can attest to. The young musicians and singers along with the seasoned ones were impressive and the whole evening was full of fun. Keep up the good work and God bless you and your family.



As a follower of Jesus and a practicing artist, I believe in and support Muzika's mission to help turn young people's artistic dreams into realities.  I have witnessed Muzika as they have built relationships with our city youth by focusing on these young people's dreams.  Muzika's mentorship and the instruction are of a high quality.  It is exciting to see young people and their families becoming engaged in their community through the arts.

Bruce A. Grimes

Muzika Board Member

Nehemiah Foundation


Volunteering with Muzika is becoming a labor of love, because as a realtor with Link Hellmuth, I get to meet people from many cultures, social and economic environments.  Most of my work is concentrated on the adults, however I do observe the needs of the children during the relocation process.  A program such as Muzika is another means to help the children stabilize and "connect" to a new environment.  Springfield City Schools has endured massive budget cuts that eliminated the deemed "extra curriculum" classes.  Again, I see Muzika trying to fill this gap.  Performing through music, dance and song and developing front and backstage skills is not only a class, it becomes a "window" to another world for many children.  The exposure could potentially develop another "John Legend" from Springfield.  I look forward to participating in helping to build this bridge to the future for our children!

Lula Cosby

Muzika Board

Realtor, Link Hellmuth


Muzika inspired me with their last newsletter.  After reading the newsletter cover to cover I knew I wanted to get involved!  I emailed Par immediately to tell him that I feel God is really moving in this organization and I wanted to be a part of it.  I am a 2004 graduate of Wittenberg University with a Communication and Management degree.  My passions are graphic design and public speaking.  From reading that newsletter I knew my passions could be used at Muzika.  I recently got back from a cross-country road trip discovering our country that we sometimes take for granted.  I learned so much from my six weeks on the road and also learned that you do not need to go to Los Angeles for opportunities in the arts.  I am a proud alumnus of North High School and Wittenberg and would love to see the arts continue to excel here in Springfield.  I see Muzika in the forefront of this upward movement.  Thank you for this opportunity with Muzika.  It is an honor and a pleasure to help design the Muzika newsletter.

Angela Trego

Muzika Newsletter Staff   





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